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Furniture Strip

In the old days, the stripping on the furniture was done by hand and with different products such us caustic soda or amonia. In the present days we combined the latest technological advances in products, while preserving the old school of doing the work by hand. We believe that is the only way to keep the patina on, working in this manners assures us that we are on the right direction and allows us to produce superior results


Furniture Restoration

To transform a week, damaged and unstable item, into a sharp, safe and enjoyable piece of furniture has a multiple step, such us disassembling, cleaning, gluing, replacing lost part, making new pieces, adding missing veneer or inlay, fixing worn rail and much more. We bring knowledge, experience and attention to detail to ensure  proud work


Furniture Refinishing

In this part of the furniture refinishing,  to highligth and protect the wood wich we are working, there are a variety of product and procedures. From the almost forgotten water base stain to the modern oil base stain, from shellac to catalytic lacquer. Procedures include, oil finish, guilding,, wax finish, french polish, rubbing varnish, water base paint, milk paint, two part paint. All of them can be defined as individual trades, we are proud to offer them with over 23 years of experience.

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