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 Furniture for Sale


Decorate Your Home with Antique Furniture for Sale

When you’re shopping for furniture in your home, you want to consider having a statement piece. This can be a chair, an armoire, or even a coffee table. At Listur Antiques, we offer furniture for sale that has been fully refurbished. This ensures that you get the classic pieces that you want without having to do any of the work involved with getting them looking their best.


Traditional furniture stores certainly aren’t the only place that you can shop. They have the same furniture that every other house in town has. You want to make a statement. You want to have something different that can strike up a conversation out of nowhere.

Antique Furniture for Sale

With the antique furniture for sale that we offer, it allows you to have something beautiful and unique. We’re constantly getting new pieces, restoring them, and offering them for sale within our Toronto location. Our restoration specialists ensure that you have the best-looking furniture possible. Additionally, we go through the extra step of making sure that it’s strong. After all, you don’t want a wobbly chair or table, and we’re committed to offering premium furniture.

Consider the possibilities. You have the ability to infuse antiques into every room in your home. You might want to add a stunning armoire to your bedroom or an incredible china cabinet to your dining room. Plus, we can strip the furniture to stain it a color that would better suit your style. 


You deserve to have something incredible within your home. When you’re on the hunt for something specific, let us know. Otherwise, we invite you to come in and have a look at what we have available. The antique furniture for sale that we have doesn’t stay around for long, so be sure that you stop in soon!

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