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Furniture Repair Services


Enhance Antiques with a Furniture Repair

Problems occur with furniture all of the time. A leg may be a bit wobbly or a handle fell off of one of your dresser drawers. To avoid damaging the furniture in an attempt to fix the problem, you can turn to us at Listur Antiques. We can provide you with a furniture repair that you can truly love. There may be various issues with the furniture, which is why you want to trust a professional.

We can make sure to boost the structural integrity by replacing missing parts. Additionally, there may be an unexplained wobble. If that’s the case, we can disassemble and reassemble using glue to ensure that nothing wobbles any longer. We can also sand down bits that seem to have worn unevenly over the years.

Furniture Repair

We’re committed to our craft. We learned how to handle antique furniture repair the “old fashioned way” and it shows in the way that we do things. Every repair is handled with multiple steps to ensure that everything looks its best when we give it back to you.


All of the repairs are done within our workshop. We don’t send any of the pieces out to other contractors. Instead, we do everything in-house to ensure you know who is in possession of your furniture throughout the process. We want to know what you want out of the furniture. Allow us to replace handles, fix bruising, and even out the coloring of any piece of antique furniture that you might have.  By the time we’re done with the furniture repair, it can look even better than the day you bought it. Contact us today to learn about our process, get a quote on a repair, or to schedule a time for you to bring your furniture into us.

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