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 Furniture Restoration Services


Turn Trash into Treasure with Furniture Restoration

Whether you have older furniture that you have thought about tossing out or you found an incredible deal at a sale, you can look to furniture restoration to turn it into the piece you have always wanted. At Listur Antiques, we have a significant amount of expertise when it comes to working with furniture of all shapes and sizes.

Even if the furniture is weak and unstable, we have a process that can help. Scheduling furniture restoration in Toronto is a great way to turn trash into treasure – and many people are taking advantage of what they find at yard sales and antique shows in order to have a unique piece of furniture.

Furniture Restoration Services

What you find in furniture stores may not be what you’re looking for. They’re too modern, too unoriginal, and too unlike what you want inside of your home. This is when it’s time to think outside of the box. With our unique skill set, we’re able to provide furniture restoration that you can count on. With decades of experience, we know all about disassembling furniture, cleaning it, and putting it back together in order to strengthen it. We’ll also enhance the aesthetics, either by restoring it to its former glory or adding a modern spin with a different stain on it.


We’re proud of the work that we’ve created, allowing you to get beautiful pieces of furniture fully restored so that they’re stronger and more stunning than ever before. Think about the possibilities that exist when you know where to go for furniture restoration in Toronto. You can suddenly have a conversation piece inside of your home with a bit of history. From bedroom headboards to dining room tables, we’ve been able to restore and refinish many pieces. Contact us today to learn about what we can do for you.

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